Selling an apartment is expensive or profitable?

Often in the work of real estate agents, they are faced with a situation where the client, who wants to sell real estate, sets a price at his discretion. And so, days, months and sometimes years go by, and “things are still there.” In proposals to reduce the cost to an acceptable market, the client refuses, such as: – I don’t want to sell at a low price, and I’m in no hurry.

We offer you a series of examples, where we show you that selling can be very expensive if you do not follow the advice of your real estate agent.

Example 1

Sale of a house in 2014. The house was worth 300,000 USD. According to the agency. Sold 3 years. The client wanted $ 320,000. Sold for $ 315,000. in 2017

The result:

In his opinion, it was sold high, well. In our opinion, if it were sold within a year, the customer would have earned at least $ 70,000 at a low percentage in the bank for those additional 2 years that the sale was in progress.

Example 2

Apartment sales in 2018. The apartment, according to the agency, was worth USD 360,000. Needed a similar one with repair due to an additional charge. The cost of repairs in this apartment was estimated between 9,000 and 10,000 USD.

In the same entrance, on the best floor, a similar apartment was renovated for sale for 420,000 USD. Found a buyer of their own for a week at a price of $ 355,000. The apartment was negotiated, but the seller did not want to sell it for less than $ 365,000.

The result:

If they sold the apartment cheaper and faster, the client would receive the same apartment in a familiar place with repairs already completed with a surcharge of 6,000 USD. The benefit is 3,000 to 4,000 USD.

Example 3

Now we sell an apartment with a purchase over the counter. The client is ready to spend up to 60,000 USD. with extra charge, but at the same time, you don’t want to lower the price of your apartment to a corrupt one.

Although the apartments, which you may consider buying, are only $ 4,000 more expensive. But the seller is not ready to sell his apartment cheaply (in his opinion).

The result:

When apartment prices go up, we will of course sell your apartment at your price, but you can only buy it with an additional charge of at least $ 60,000. As a result, the loss will be 2,000 USD.

We draw diagrams for sellers on paper, we consider profits and losses, we try to explain that selling high is not always the same as selling well.

How does virtual reality help to sell apartments?

Virtual reality is no longer a kind of magic: no one is surprised by 3D cinemas, searches with VR glasses, Pokémon in augmented reality and “walks” in non-existent places.

But virtual reality is not just about making things that only exist in our imagination real. It is also a job sales tool. It is possible to get the maximum benefit with their help only if the rules of operation of this tool are followed and the work plan is built correctly.

What can be done today using virtual reality?

Attract clients to offices.

First, virtual reality enhances the effect of online advertising. The volumetric content eliminates draws the attention of buyers.

Therefore, the company, after replacing ad posts with 2D plans for 3D plans in creatives, could increase ad click capacity by 10%. And if you upload a 360 image to any of the social networks that use mobile virtual reality, the ad click rate will increase by 25%.

Secondly, seeing an apartment with virtual reality glasses does not provide the possibility of differentiating the volume of the spaces, which forces the interested party to visit the Tajarat properties, but already with a notion of what they will see and a little more interested.

Dispel the doubts of those who came to the model in case of a construction in progress.

Imagine: a person goes to buy an apartment in a house under construction and comes to the sales office. You are looking for, for example, a one-room apartment for your budget, preferably not on the ground and not on the top floor, on the sunny side of the house. Under these parameters dozens of options fits.

There is a study, with a separate kitchen, with and without balcony. How to choose if there are only apartment floor plans that don’t exist? Will there be a hallway in this gap? Are the window openings wide? Will the sofa fit? – Many questions about the functionality of the space remain in my head. Developers use technology in a virtual reality to eliminate most of the doubts of their customers.

To use virtual reality in a sales office, the developer orders the creation of interactive apartment designs in a house under construction according to the project parameters. Managers offer clients that they no longer draw on paper, but instead try on a virtual reality headset and tour the apartment that interests them.

Today, it is possible to make extremely realistic 3D models of apartments, and even furnish them, so that the person has a holistic impression of the space: how high the ceilings are, the spacious hallways, etc.

Developers are often asked to make it possible to display the view from the window. It can also be evaluated: for example, to upload panoramas taken from a drone.

Virtual tours are especially effective in a situation where a person has already decided on several apartment options to choose from. VR helps weigh the pros and cons of both.

The manager can increase customer engagement by experimenting with him on apartment space. What will happen if you put a sofa instead of a bed and put a desk and a computer on the balcony? With virtual reality, you can try it here and now, in real time. This game awakens the customer and gives them visual answers to their most irreverent questions.

Not all construction companies have this solution yet. But it is no longer a rarity on the market. According to our data, at least 10 developers use virtual reality presentations in Montevideo.

Finish the apartment.

Developers selling finished apartments can use virtual reality to offer the customer of their choice the finishing option.

It is also important that the customer manage the cost of their repair: a catalogue of finishing materials and pipes with real prices is connected to interactive designs. So, a person can see that buying an apartment with a finish can cost him less than subsequent repairs, and not be afraid that he will not like the standard finish.

Who doesn’t need VR technology?

If you are selling luxury apartments, your clients will be more interested in the area, infrastructure and unusual design of the dwelling than the opportunity to put two beds in a small nursery.

Virtual reality is a tool for the mass market. It is necessary so that customers who buy homes with a limited budget and the number of square meters no longer doubt that they can spend the money they have saved or take a mortgage.

General rules for the correct distribution of your apartment

The attitude of each of us towards our home is best conveyed by the English proverb: “Home sweet home”. In fact, we are trying to make our apartment comfortable and beautiful, and we are ready to spend a lot of effort and money on it.

One of the main factors to create the ideal space to live is its distribution. How to choose the layout of the apartment? What to pay attention to? Let’s talk more about this. There are no strict rules that guide builders in the organization and distribution of space in an apartment. When choosing the design of the apartments, the individual needs of each particular family, their habits and lifestyle are of great importance.

However, there are several general principles that are worth adopting when looking at al noor orchard new deals

The balance of residential and non-residential area must be rational. It would be strange to look like a study with a small room, but with a large hall, a corridor and a balcony.

A large kitchen is not just a fad, but a necessity. Here we prepare food, here the whole family gathers at night, here we prepare tea to drink with the guests. The kitchen is the main room of the apartment and should be spacious enough for you to organize the work and dining areas.

The most private place in the house is the bedroom. It should be removed as far from the kitchen and hallway as possible to minimize noise. The bathroom must be of sufficient size to perform its functions. But their number and location may be different.

Pay attention to lighting. The best option is panoramic windows. Not only do they give a lot of light, but they also cause a feeling of space and freedom. But in the economic segment you will have to be content with the usual. Ideally, they should go to different sides to evenly illuminate your home at different times of the day.

The height of the ceilings is important not only for the feeling of free space, but also so that during repairs you can use suspended structures and a ventilation system. 280 cm is the best option, but 150 is not enough.

A balcony is a nice and useful addition to your living space. It is better that they have glazed immediately and have gone out to the patio. Now in most apartments they make a dressing room or leave space for it in the hallway. It is very convenient.

Types of designs

There is no established classification of designs. If we proceed from the characteristics of the organization of the distribution of the internal space and the functionality of the apartment, we can distinguish the following types:

  • Closed
  • Opened
  • Combined

Closed planning is the traditional version, which was the only one possible in old buildings. All rooms in this case are insulated, including the kitchen. Its functionality is not visible. Usually, the largest room is used as a living room. In the rest, bedrooms, a nursery or office are being developed. It all depends on the composition of the family, the age and the needs of its members.

This option is suitable in the event that several generations live under the same roof. Isolation makes it possible to feel comfortable even when the rhythm of sleep and wakefulness in the house do not match. A fully enclosed kitchen is also a great advantage in terms of safety, especially if there are small children in the family.

Also, food odours will not apply to the whole room, as well as the heat and steam from the work stove. But for all its merits, the traditional version has its drawbacks. Much of the living space goes to the hallway and hallway. Furthermore, such designs provide little room for bold design decisions.

The open plan is the exact opposite of the traditional. It does not have isolated rooms, and the total space is divided into functional zones.

The combined design has the advantages of the previous two. The idea is to highlight two areas: the private and the general. The bedrooms are isolated, and all the guest space is combined. The kitchen combined with the dining room or living room looks quite harmonious.

This, on the one hand, ensures the privacy of family members, and on the other, makes it possible to increase the usable area due to the absence of walls and partitions. The monolithic frame construction method does not imply the presence of internal load-bearing walls. This gives you plenty of room in planning and redevelopment of the space.

This design is called “Free”. It allows apartment owners to realize any ideas about the zoning and layout of the room. Only the bathrooms and kitchens remain unchanged,

How to choose the best layout for your apartment in a new building?

Convenient planning of the layout of the apartment is an organization of space that will increase its functionality and give you the opportunity to feel comfortable.

To choose the best option, think about what you usually do during the day, in which areas and in what settings you need. From this, make an ideal plan for your apartment and select your accommodation accordingly.

Without success you can consider the layout, in which the layout of the apartment has narrow corridors, the rooms face one side or have an elongated shape. It will be difficult to collect furniture in an apartment of irregular shape or with sloping walls.

For a comfortable stay, the kitchen should be at least 12 m. Customer surveys show that most of them want the apartment to have two bathrooms with an area of ​​at least 20 feet, which will make the layout of their apartment look great.