Caring For Kilts and Scottish Accessories

If you spill any beverage or food onto your kilt, attempt as quickly as you can to wash it off by using cold water or even a bit of wool detergent.

Before bringing your kilt in to dry-clean check if your dry cleaner has cleaned kilts previously.

To wash your kilt yourself, apply a tiny amount of wool detergent on them , leave them to dry for around 10-15 minutes. After that, add just a few inches of cool water. Add two capfuls of detergent. After that, you can fold the kilt into the shape it is worn and place it into the bath so that it can soak up 30 to 40 mins. Then hang the kilt on a hanger or clothesline and then wash it thoroughly using the garden shower attachment or hose. The kilt will dry naturally. After drying, make use of a steam iron and a press cloth. Gently press the edges on each pleat.

If you’re looking for a tough and durable machine washable kilts, then a polyviscose Kilt is an ideal choice. It is possible to wash them in a machine that is set at 40 degrees. It’s best to use a specialized wool detergent. Avoid using fabric conditioner. Iron in pleats with the setting for medium iron. Don’t bleach or dry tumble. Dry cleaning is also possible. If you choose wool or polyviscose kilt ensure that you put it away in the right way. To ensure that the pleats are preserved the kilt should be folded into three pieces – like you were planning to wear it. Hang it on its loops, making sure that pleats are large enough for them to be straight.

If you have to carry your kilt to weddings and other special occasions, carrying a kilt case is an excellent investment. It’s also handy for storage of items.You aren’t required to clean your kilt each occasion you wear it, however, airing it for some time after every wear keeps it in good condition.

In the event that your Tweed Jacket is in need of cleaning, you must get it dry cleaned since the new wool may shrink when improper chemicals are employed. Hang it on a sturdy or cushioned hanger when you are storing the wrap in plastic and store in a cool, dark location in a place that isn’t inhabited by moths.

Maintain those Ghillie Brogues looking nice Apply polish first to a small, non-glaring area to determine the colour. Rub the polish on with a soft , clean cloth and then allow it to dry completely. After the polish has dried then buff it with an easy cloth or brush. A weatherproofing treatment for your leather shoes can help keep them safe from weather and other elements. Laces can be cleaned on their own or changed.

A soft cloth is recommended to be used, as cleaners that are harsher can cause damage to the surface. Dry the blade completely following washing.

Beware of cutting too hard using this Sgian Dubh as this can result in a scratch on to the polish surface. Sgian Dubhs are sharpened with a standard stone for sharpening.

Pewter Cleanse your polished pewter with gentle soap, or detergent mixed with water. Wet a soft , clean cloth with the solution, then rub it across the pewter. Rinse thoroughly with warm, clean water, then dry using the help of a dry, soft cloth.

Restore the sparkle of pewter polished applying polish for pewter. Apply a tiny amount of polish to a clean, dry cloth. Rub the polish over and then buff using a clean , dry cloth.

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